What We Do!

Scrunch -A- Bunch takes old t-shirts and fabrics and turns them into fun stylish hair accessories. We also make custom scrunchies from old t-shirts that our customers send in! All profits will donated to H.O.P.E.Of Ogle County. H.O.P.E. is a domestic violence agency. We Also re-use fabrics and t-shirts to keep waist down, we get our old fabrics donated from Retro Threads, an up cycling business! 

Premade $6.00

Custom: $10.00

These products can be purchased on my Facebook and Instagram. Online payments will be done on pay-pal. All products will be mailed to you! and shipping is built into the price. 

Can I get a matching set of scrunchies?
If you bring me your own fabrics and there is enough, I could make matching sets.Although we do not provide matching scrunchies sets right now, I hope to expand into trying new styles such as matching sets.
How do I get the fabric to you?
There are a few different ways to get your fabric to me! You may drop them off at school or they can be mailed to me. If they are mailed to me, you cover the shipping cost for the fabric and I handel the cost of sending the scrunchie to you.
Where do you get your fabric?
What if my products breaks?

I am partnered up with a business called Retro Thread. They give me their old fabrics to use. You may also send your fabrics to me such as a piece of clothing that could be put to more use. You can find where you want to drop off or mail it by looking at our home page.

How is your product different from any in the store?

My product is homemade and can be designed to your liking. You can drop you can send or drop off at the school and I can get it done. 

How long will it take me to get them?

As soon as I finish your product I will send you a email, or a text letting you know your product is in the mail. once you get it you have 2 day to let me know of any damage and I will fix it.

Where did you learn to sew scrunchies?

I learned from my grandma.  She taught me how to sew and then from there, I made my own pattern. I like making my own because it's easy to follow and it is not too hard to change.

If your product breaks, you have 2 days to message me and let me know and I will pay for the shipping and I will fix it free of charge.

How can you make sure my product has good quality?

To make sure you get the best quality you can, I make sure I fill out an order form and check it over with you before anything is made. Then the product is made, and I check all the seams and wash it before it's sent. Then last, a copy of the order form is sent out with your product and you have 2 days after you get it, to tell me you don't like it or something is broken.

Where can I get a scrunchies?

You can purchase a scrunchie many different ways. If you see a pre-made one that you like, you can message me through Facebook, Instagram, and or my number is (815)-596-0729 and give me a call or text. If you want a custom made, you can find me on any of these and we can set up a phone call time where I take 10 mins of your time to get your info.